Franziskaner in Puerto Rico

Franciscans can be Friars (Monks) and Third Order (Laity) members, who vow to follow the Rule of St. Francis of Assisi, and commit themselves to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ministering to the poorest of the poor. Wherever there is a need to share the message of God's love, you will find the Franciscans. They work in education, social justice, and parish ministry throughout the world. In Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, they spread the Gospel by preaching and founding churches. They also run occupational training centers for the poor, and distribute food and other necessities. Although their primary work is in Puerto Rico, the work of the Hermanos Franciscanos extends throughout the Caribbean, and locations in the United States, Africa, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, and Spain.

Welcome. I am Father Jose.

Thank you for your interest in our Friary, and our Franciscan way of life.
When you visit our guest house, your donations help us pay for our many kinds of ministry. We are grateful for any financial support which is offered; your alms and prayers are ways that you can join our Franciscan family in our caring for the poor. None of us can change the world by ourself, but working together we can make a great deal of difference.

We invite you to come and visit us for a retreat, during which you can find time to rest and relax, grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and strengthen your personal relationship with Him.

You are welcome to join us during our times of Prayer and Worship.

Soon we hope to be hosting Weekend Seminars, which will provide guidance on how to find tranquility in our busy lives through prayer, meditation, self-discovery, and nutrition. Professionals in these areas will be the leaders of the Seminars.

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Hermanos Franciscanos

Road 642 Km. 2.2
Bo. Montebello
Manati, Puerto Rico 00674

Telephone: (787) 854-5412
Cellular: (787) 234-0452

e-mail: franciscanopr(at)hotmail(dot)com